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International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum (ICPA-Forum)

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ICPA-Forum Mission

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The ICPA-Forum seeks to advance the field of comparative policy analysis studies following the Aims and Scope of the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis and engage its members in a dialogue on comparative policy issues, methodologies and theories.

The ICPA-Forum encourages exchanges among its Partner Institutional Members at the level of faculty, students and research through Annual Workshops on topics of interest, Special JCPA Symposia, and proposals of Comparative Policy Panels at key conferences in the domain. The ICPA-Forum and the JCPA awards the Award for the Best Comparative Paper at ten international scholarly Partner Associations.

The ICPA-Forum and JPCA collaborates with over 40 international member universities and ten international associations.

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The ICPA-Forum encourages the involvement of graduate students in the comparative policy analysis dialogue and in publications.

ICPA-Forum Members receive a free annual subscription to the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (JCPA) as well as discounts on Routledge/Taylor and Francis publications.


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