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Best Comparative Policy Paper Award APSA Granted in 2016

Joint International Adjudication Committee of APSA and the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, including Professors

Karen Jusko (Stanford University), Brian Min (University of Michigan), Jacinct Jordana Casajuana (University of Pompeu

Fabra), Klaus Schubert (University of Muenster), and Zachary Elkins (University of Texas at Austin), has selected

the paper entitled :

"Misperceiving Inequality"


Vladimir Gimpelson (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia) and Daniel Treisman

(University of California, Los Angeles United States)


2015 - Zachary Elkins, (University of Texas at Austin), United States:

"Micro-level Foundations of Diffusion Theory: Experimental Evidence"

2014- Edmund J. Malesky, (Duke University), United States; Cuong Viet Nguyen, (National Economics University), Vietnam and Anh Tran, (Indiana University), United States:

"The Impact of Recentralization on Public Services: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis of the Abolition of Elected Councils in Vietnam"

2014 - Ben W. Ansell, (University of Oxford), United Kingdom; J. Lawrence Broz, (University of California), United States:

"Global Capital Markets, Housing Prices, and Partisan Fiscal Policies"

2013 - Matthias Orlowski, (Humboldt-University Berlin), Germany:

"The Dynamics of Electoral Incentives. Electoral Systems and Agricultural Support in OECD countries"

2012 – Claire Annesley, (University of Manchester), United Kingdom and Isabelle Engeli, (University of Ottawa), Canada

2011 – Shaun Bevan, (Pennsylvania State University), United States and Will Jennings, (University of Manchester), United Kingdom:

"Opinion-Responsiveness of Governing Agendas in the US and the UK: Institutional Filtering of Issue Priorities of the Public"