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Best Comparative Policy Paper Award APPAM Granted in 2016

The Joint International Adjudication Committee of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management and the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (JCPA), including Professors Antonia Maioni (McGill University, Montreal, Chair), Beryl Radin (Georgetown University, Washington DC), Marleen Brans (KULeuven University) and Guillome Fontaine (The Latin Faculty for Social Sciences, FLASCO, Quito, Ecuador), has selected the paper entitled:

"Toward a Comparative Analysis of Labour Administration Systems"


Dr. Jason Heyes (Sheffield University, U.K.)


2015- Dr. Laura Langbein, (American University, Washington DC) and Dr. Pablo Sanabria, (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali)

"Independent Professional Bureaucracies and Street-Level Corruption: Evidence From Latin America"   

2014- Sanya Carley, (Indiana University), Elizabeth Baldwin,(Indiana University), Lauren M. MacLean,( Indiana University) , and Jennifer N. Brass, (Indiana University)

“Global Expansion of Renewable Energy Generation: An Analysis of Policy Instruments"

2013- Pamela Clouser McCann, Charles R. Shipan, and Craig Volden

"Smoke Signals: State Policy Responses to National Government Discussions”

2012- Nathan E. Hultman, Elizabeth L. Malone, Paul Runci, Gregory Carlock, Kate L. Anderson

“Factors in Low-Carbon Energy Transformations: Comparing Nuclear and Bioenergy in Brazil, Sweden, and the United States”

2011- Jo Blanden, Kathryn Wilson, Robert Haveman, and Timothy Smeeding

“Intergenerational Mobility in the United States and Great Britain: A Comparative Study of Parent Child


2010- Miles Corak, Lori Curtis, and Shelley Phipps

“Economic Mobility, Family Background, and the Well-being of Children in the United States and Canada”

2009- Mircea Trandafir

“The Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Different-Sex Marriage: Evidence from the Netherlands”