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International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum (ICPA-Forum)

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Collaboration with International Associations


Association Partners of the ICPA-Forum and the JCPA enjoy our sponsorship of the 'Award for the Best Comparative Paper' presented at their association’s annual conference.

The 'Award' consists of a certificate and a cash grant underwritten by the ICPA-Forum and Routledge in collaboration with the collaborating association. Members of partner associations who become members of the ICPA-Forum are offered a special membership fee of $115/year, inclusive of free individual subscriptions to the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. (The standard subscription is currently $268/year.)

Partner Associations will be featured on the JCPA and ICPA-Forum website inclusive of links, as well as on one (1) front page of each issue of the Journal.

Additional benefits can be:
-Exchanges of advertisements and listserv announcements
-Back-to-back International Comparative Workshops with Association’s Annual Conference on topics of common interest
-Sponsorship of comparative panel(s)
-Priority on JCPA Special Issues based on conference panels