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The ICPA-Forum offers memberships for individuals associated with one of our international professional associations, or with our gold- or silver-sponsoring institutions spanning 5 continents. The ICPA-Forum encourages the involvement of graduate students in the comparative policy analysis dialogue and in publications.

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» A full annual FREE subscription to the JOURNAL of Comparative Policy Analysis - 5 free issues!

» Online updates on future volumes and their contents
» Online advance notifications on CALL For Papers towards JCPA symposia special issues, workshops, research symposia, sponsored publications, and other activities (IGM: Links )
» Priority to special issues proposals, workshop organization and hosting opportunities, panel sponsorships, and partnership information

» Networking opportunities, advertising and exchanges through the ICPA-Forum and affiliated global associates and organizations
» Special JCPA subscription rates and discounts on Routledge/Taylor and Francis publications

The JCPA also offers an annual award for best article deemed outstanding by the JCPA International Adjudication Committee. The award includes a $1,000 prize. In addition, major associations collaborating with the ICPA-Forum and the JCPA to promote comparative policy studies each maintain an ‘Award for Best Comparative Paper’, presented at their association’s annual conference.

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