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The JCPA welcomes proposals for Special Symposia Issues on a variety of topics and disciplines.  For submission of all Symposia Special Issue Proposals, please contact Leslie Pal.



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18-5 Policy Analysis in Times of Austerity: Puzzling in the Shadow of Powering?

by Peter Scholten and Frans vanNispen

18-4 Governance Indices, Politics and Expert Knowledge

by Tero Erkkilä and Guy Peters

18-3 The Multiple-Streams Approach in Comparative Policy Research, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis

by Daniel Béland and Michael Howlett

18-2 Unpopular Social Policy Reform and Strategic Communication

by Georg Wenzelburger and Felix Hörisch

17-5 Comparative Analyses of Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships

by Anthony Boardman, Carsten Greve and Graeme Hodge

17-4 Bringing Governments Back In: Governance and Governing in Comparative Policy Analysis

by Giliberto Capano, Michael Howlett and M Ramesh

17-3 Policy Knowledge and Policy Work
by Hal K. Colebatch

17-2 Comparative Implementation Research
by Peter Hupe & Harald Sætren

17-1 Policy Analysis and the "Migration Crisis"
by Peter Scholten & Frans van Nispen

16-4 Policy Change in Comparative Contexts: Applying the Advocacy Coalition Framework Outside of Western Europe and North America
by Adam Douglas Henry, Karin Ingold, Daniel Nohrstedt & Christopher M. Weible

16-3 The OECD and Policy Transfer: Comparative Case Studies
by Leslie A. Pal

16-2 Corruption, Trust, the Public Sector and Public Policies: A Comparative International Perspective
by Scott A. Fritzen, Søren Serritzlew & Gert Tinggaard Svendsen

15-4 Immigration and its Impact on Human Capital Development
by Meghna Sabharwel

14-5 Comparing Developments in Public Policy Programs in Higher Education in Asia
by Yu-Ying Kuo

14-2/3 Double issue: Special Issue: Designing Disaster Resilience and Public Policy: Comparative Perspectives
by Louise K. Comfort

2011 Vol. 13, 4. Private Higher Education & Policy: A Global View. Daniel Levy, SUNY – Albany & William Zumeta, University of Washington – Seattle

2011. Vol. 13, 2. The Transformation of Privacy Policy: Bruno Dente, Institute for Advanced Studies, IMT Lucca, and Politecnico di Milano

2011. Vol. 13, 1. Public Service Personnel Policies: Impact on Policy Related Performance. Greta Nasi, Bocconi, Milan

2010. Vol. 12, 1 & 2. Comparative Healthcare Policies. Ted Marmor, Yale University

2009. Vol. 11, 4. The Impact of the Biotechnology Revolution on Comparative Policy Studies. Christine Rothmayr, University of Montreal

2009. Vol. 11, 1. The Determinants of Policy Change: Theoretical Challenges. Giliberto Capano, Bologna - Forli & Michael Howlett, Simon Fraser University - Vancouver

2008. Vol. 10, 3. Europeanization: A Comparative Perspective. Sabine Saurugger, IEP - Grenoble & Claudio Radaelli, Exeter

2008. Vol. 10, 1. Population Ageing & Public Policy: A Comparative Perspective. Patrick Marier, Concordia Montreal & Markus Haverland, Erasmus

2007. Vol. 9, 4. Sustainable Development in East Asian World Cities. Mee Kam Ng, University of Hong Kong

2007. Vol. 9, 2. Does Policy Matter?The Impact of Work-Family Reconciliation Policies on Workers and their Families. Janet Gornick, Baruch College, CUNY

2006. Vol. 8, 4. Organizing for Policy Implementation: The Emergence and Role of Implementation Units in Policy Design and Oversight. Evert Lindquist, University of Victoria, Canada

2006. Vol. 8, 2. Family & Welfare Policies. Janet Gornick, Baruch College, CUNY

2005. Vol. 7, 4. Comparative Policy Analysis: Methodological Approaches, Challenges & Perspectives. Monika Steffens, University of Grenoble

2005. Vol. 7, 1. Policy Analysis in Eastern Europe. Jeff Strausmann, Maxwell School, Syracuse

2004. Vol. 6, 3. Immigration Policies in a Global World. Dietrich Traenhardt, Meunster University

2003. Vol. 5, 3. Governance. John Dixon, University of Plymouth, UK

2002. Vol. 4, 3. Policy & Culture. Robert Hoppe, University of Twente

2001. Vol, 3, 3. Science & Technology Policy. Michael Luger, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

2000. Vol. 2, 3. Globalization & Policy Convergence. George Hoberg, University of British Columbia